Moonlight, Milorganite, and You meditates on a city’s socialist history and their accomplishments and efforts to improve public health. Offering a close look inside the facilities and bellies of the invisible systems and structures the film outlines the journey of wastewater through sewer pipes, water reclamation facilities, and the Milorganite plant. 
Milorganite, a portmanteau for Milwaukee Organic Nitrogen, is a fertilizer created from the by-product of the sewage sludge from the citizens of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Located on Jones Island, Milwaukee Municipal Sewerage District (MMSD) has been at the forefront of sewage sludge recycling since the 1910s because of the “Sewer Socialists.” The production of Milorganite diverts billions of pounds of waste from landfills to a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that is still used in gardens and golf courses across the country today.
April 2022- Flyover Country Screening | Milwaukee, WI 
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