Other Works
1 min,16mm/digital 2018
A short sync/sound sketch from a work in progress investigating my grandparent’s relationship through a collection of letters exchanged in the 1970s sent from all over the world.
Now Forget by Body Work
3 min, digital, 2019
A music video for Milwaukee based band, Body Work, shot and edited in partnership with Marcelo Martinez.
Gold Tooth by Magic Body 
 2 min, 16mm/digital, 2018
A music video for Magic Body a band based out of Oregon/Iowa. All material sourced from archive.org

3.5 minutes/ digital/ 2018 
A personal exploration of what makes an intimate relationship in today’s digital age. Weighing between a false relationship that transpired from an obsessive engagement with the podcast, On Being, and regurgitating information back to others. Adapted text from interview with Irish poet, John O’Donohue/The Inner Landscapes Of Beauty.
10 minutes/ digital/ 2017 
A personal contemplation of wanting to make a movie while traveling abroad avoiding intrusion to the places I was visiting. Accompanied by adapted text, Questions of Travel by Elizabeth Bishop, Blurred and Inconclusive, tends to the moments of interim as much as it is a documentation of my own experience. This film was shot in Southeast Asia in the summer of 2016. 
A Study of 12th and Pierce
 3 min, 16mm, 2016
A portrait of a Lithograph Building located in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood.